Director, Mooreast Europe B.V., The Netherlands

Roderick Ruinen

Roderick Ruinen joined Mooreast Asia in 2014 and is currently the Technical Director. He is responsible for the purchasing, production, engineering and R&D departments of Mooreast. He is also the director of Mooreast’s subsidiary Mooreast Europe BV in The Netherlands. Before joining Mooreast, Roderick worked more than 15 years for Vryhof Anchors BV in various positions, finally as Technical Director and co-owner.

Roderick has been present during the installation of anchors for numerous floating facilities worldwide. One of his main interests is the development of a geotechnical model describing the behaviour of anchors in the seabed.

Roderick Ruinen graduated from the Technical University of Delft with a degree in Civil Engineering. He is a member of the Dutch engineering society KivI. He is a member of API/SC2/RG7 / ISO/TC7/SC7/WG10 Foundations, which is responsible for the development of geotechnical standards for the offshore industry.