Director, Pure Marin Gen, United Kingdom

Paul Brewster

Dr Paul Brewster  is the Principal Consultant and co-founder of Pure Marine Gen.  Paul holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from Queens University Belfast and is a Chartered Engineer with over two decades of experience in established and emerging marine sectors – in particular on the development of wave energy technologies and analysis of policy issues for government bodies responsible for the sustainable development of marine resources, sustainable energy and maritime transport.

Equally comfortable discussing technology, strategy and policy related issues, Paul is a member of the European Ports Forum Sub-group on Ports as Hubs for a Sustainable Blue Economy, advises the Coordinator of the Ports Pillar for Atlantic Action Pan 2.0, is a co-inventor of a European Patented wave energy converter and is currently the technical lead for the “Sea Potential” team on the development of wave powered desalinations systems for the Blue Economy.