Program Manager, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, United States

Patrick Cross

Patrick Cross completed a 20-year Naval officer career in submarines and meteorology/oceanography in 2006, culminating in a tour as Force Oceanographer for the Pacific submarine force based at Pearl Harbor.  For the next several years, he worked with a small company managing Navy-funded research projects related to underwater acoustics, including the use of autonomous vehicles and advanced signal processing.

Cross joined the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute in the summer of 2013 to manage proposal efforts related to a new infusion of Navy funds to support the Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) off Marine Corps Base Hawaii.  He is serving as program manager for this effort, coordinating research plans, providing site management to US Navy and DOE sponsors, assisting wave energy converter (WEC) developers with planning and deployment at WETS, developing new proposals relating to wave energy advancement, and overseeing numerous internal projects related to the development of WEC concepts.