Engineering Manager, Sustainable Marine Energy, United Kimdong

Nick Cresswell

Nick has been involved with the design and development of subsea rock anchors for the past seven years, through three generations of anchors and multiple offshore installations and onshore test programmes. Now leading the Engineering team at Swift Anchors, he develops innovative subsea anchoring and mooring solutions for challenging geotechnical and operational conditions.

Nick has twelve years of research, development, and implementation experience within the marine energy industry, with a background in Civil Engineering and a PhD in tidal energy device hydrodynamics and power capture, which was completed prior to joining the tidal energy industry in 2015. During this time, he oversaw the deployment of multiple platform mooring systems, with a range of patented anchor and mooring solutions.

Nick is a member of British Standards committee PEL/114 for marine renewables and sits on the technical committee for IEC 62600-10, Assessment of mooring systems for marine energy converters.