Strategic Advisor, Sustainable Marine, UK

Max Carcas

Max has over two decades of experience in marine renewables.  He has worked in wave power, tidal energy and offshore wind as well as related areas including energy storage, electric vehicles and hydrogen.

He has developed a number of projects, raising finance, influencing policy and creating new markets where none existed before.  He is intimately aware of the role in policy in helping or hindering commercialisation of new energy technologies.

As Strategic Advisor to Sustainable Marine he is seeking to overcome regulatory barriers to the development of tidal energy.  Specifically, he has progressed the development of a risk assessment methodology for in-stream tidal turbines and associated strategy for environmental monitoring in order to facilitate permitting requirements.

He firmly believes that to achieve net zero we ‘need everything in the box’ and a more strategic approach to deliver this as quickly as possible to maximise benefits to society.