Vice President, Seabased, Sweden

Marcelle Askew

Olivier Cuny is in charge of GEPS Techno Business Development activity since December 2020. He was previously working with SBM Offshore, a leading Company in the O&G sector, and held various positions such as Engineering Project Manager, Project Manager, and Business Development Manager for Imodco, a subsidiary of SBM. Before joining GEPS Techno, he was in charge of the new programs development, including diversification in the LNG and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) sectors.

Olivier uses his experience in identifying new markets and setting-up value propositions to transform innovations into commercial successes.

Olivier holds an MSc. In Civil Engineering, graduated from Ecole Spéciale de Travaux Publics (ESTP) in Paris, and an MSc. In Economy and Corporate Management from the French Institute of Petroleum and New Energies (IFPEN).