PhD researcher on justice, energy and innovation, European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), United Kingdom

Lara Santos

Lara Santos Ayllón (she/her) is a PhD researcher at the University of Edinburgh, based in industry at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC). Her project explores the intersections between justice, energy and innovation in relation to ocean energy and hydrogen technologies. The project is a collaborative partnership between the Energy Technology Partnership, the University of Edinburgh, EMEC and ICIT Heriot-Watt Campus in the Orkney Islands.

Previously, Lara worked at EMEC in external relations, on political and community engagement. Alongside this, Lara has experience in sustainability consulting, supporting businesses towards transformative impact across environmental, governance and social dimensions. Her background is in the social and political sciences, and she holds an MSc in Energy, Society and Sustainability by the University of Edinburgh.