Manager, Hidromod, Portugal

José Chambel Leitão

José Chambel Leitão is a Civil Eng and holds a Doctor degree in Mechanical Eng. He has more than 30-years’ experience developing and managing projects in diverse engineering areas (wind waves’ propagation, hydrodynamics, water quality and dispersion problems, hydrology, and river basin management) and geographies (Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia). He has also collaborated in several Portuguese and EU funded R&D projects.

He has relevant experience in implementing operational systems and integrating real time acquired data with modelling tools for Ports, Waterways and Aquacultures. He coordinates the MARENDATA Data Platform which presents the marine renewable energy industry with resource and impact assessment related information gathered in EU financed projects (SOWFIA, WESE, SeaWAVE and SafeWAVE).