Founder and CEO, Novige, Sweden

Jan Skjoldhammer

Jan Skjoldhammer, Founder and CEO of Novige AB, has a background as an officer/instructor/captain and display pilot with a well-developed technical side, having, among many other projects, built his own race car in his youth.

Through his career, Jan has also gained valuable experiences from an extensive, yet ultimately successful, entrepreneurial endeavor in the property development business which laid the monetary foundation of Novige AB.

In 2016, with the ambition to make a major positive impact for the environment, he decided to shift all his focus on entrepreneurship and developing his innovative idea, NoviOcean wave energy converter, with early retirement from his long-time career at SAS Airlines.

In Novige AB, Jan now leads a team of like-minded individuals who strive for “saving the climate with profitable wave power”. In 2020, he was appointed as Sweden’s Mission Innovation Champion as well as the Innovator of the Year in Sweden’s Västerås region.