Principal Investigator, AZTI, Spain

Ibon Galparsoro

Doctor in Marine Sciences. Principal Investigator in the AZTI´s Marine Research Unit with more than 18 years of professional experience committed to help solving the environmental issues affecting todays and future society.

Multidisciplinary experience and versatile scientific profile that moves across environmental impact and ecological risks related to human activities, conceptualization and development of models and decision support tools in the context of marine spatial planning (renewable energy, aquaculture, marine protected areas, etc.), assessment and mapping of ecosystem services, studies related to the conservation and declaration of marine protected areas; as well as mapping and characterization of seabed and benthic habitat and species modelling.

Leader of more than 73 projects and work packages coordinator. Most relevant projects: SafeWAVE (Streamlining the Assessment of environmental efFEctsof WAVE energy) and WESE (Wave Energy in the Southern Europe).

Author of more than 60 scientific publications in international journals.