Managing Director, Hann-Ocean Energy, Singapore

Henry Lei Han

Mr Han is the inventor of the Drakoo wave technology patented internationally.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture from South China University of Technology and a Master’s degree in Smart Product Design from Nan yang Technological University Singapore, 2005.  Mr Han possesses 8 years of naval architecture and ocean engineering design experience in marine design consultancy firms including MARIC; 11 years in defence project management at DSTA and 12 years of innovation development and business management experience at Hann-Ocean.  More than 15 innovation prizes have been awarded to him including the Singapore Defence Technology Prize and Innovation Excellence Awards.

Under Mr Han’s leadership, Hann-Ocean Energy established its subsidiary in Nantong and Zhoushan, China to further expand production and business operations. The proprietary wave technology of Hann-Ocean Energy has been developed in Singapore since 2008. It has been tested on full-scale out in the seas including Tuas Sea in Singapore and Shangshi island in China, as well as in Narec’s and Hann-Ocean’s full-scale wave flumes for performance, reliability and endurance testing. The Drakoo WEC performance and application have been verified by DNV and WS Atkins.  Hann-Ocean’s wave energy converter (WEC), Drakoo WEC is ready for the global market. Hann-Ocean Energy is realizing its vision by setting new technological standards for ocean energy and kick-starting a commercially viable global wave energy industry.