Senior Expert and Senior Project Manager, ENGIE Laborelec, Belgium

Fiona Buckley

Fiona Buckley is currently Senior Expert and Senior Project Manager at Laborelec (ENGIE Group) as well as Chair of the ETIP Ocean. Active in the Renewable Energy sector for close to 20 years and in the offshore wind industry for nearly as long. With hands-on experience in R&D, Construction and Development in Offshore (wind, floating PV, tidal, wave, OTEC, etc.) and Onshore technologies (wind, solar – CSP, PV, CPV, etc – , bio-energy, storage, etc.) for centralised and decentralised projects. Fiona has engaged and managed different kind of projects with multiple stakeholders, ranging from the management of Multiple EPC, EPC and EPC-M projects in Europe and Worldwide including numerous National and European funded projects. Due to her extensive prior transverse knowledge and expertise, Fiona has also been involved in several strategic and innovative projects as well as in the development and perfecting of methodologies and tools.