Technical Director, MarineSpace, UK

Dafydd Lloyd Jones

Dafydd is a geologist and sedimentologist with over 25 years’ experience in offshore development, academia and consulting. Dafydd has significant experience as a Project Director, guiding multidisciplinary and multiagency teams. Technically, he has delivered geology and seabed processes characterisation and impact assessment for major offshore projects; and has managed significant projects for sectors including tidal and wave energy, marine aggregates, offshore wind farms, capital dredge projects, and ports.

Dafydd has a doctorate in sedimentology, which focused on the responses of fine sediments in estuaries to temporal changes in physical forcing and he has a specific interest in the interpretation of shallow seismic and geotechnical data for marine assessments.

Dafydd is an internationally recognised specialist in understanding the physical environmental effects of seabed sediment transport associated with developments, and sits on European Working Groups dealing with Good Environmental Status and navigational dredging.