WEDNESDAY, 19 October 11:30 – 13:30 Side event room 8

The TurboWave Public Procurement of Innovation aims to accelerate the development of air turbine technologies that are tailored to the needs of the wave power industry in general and to the specific technical requirements of the Mutriku plant in particular, with the end goal of building confidence in the wave energy sector and its ability to play a role as a competitive renewable energy source in the future energy mix on a regional and global scale. The challenge encompasses the design, development and demonstration of a cost-efficient, reliable and safe bi-directional air turbine system for power generation at the Mutriku wave power plant.

In this workshop, EVE will present the key aspects of the program and  give an update on the current status of the initiative, whereas the companies that participated in the PMC will have the opportunity to make a short presentations about the themselves and their technology .

After the presentations there will be a space to organize bilateral meetings between the companies that request it, as well as the possibility of posing questions about the TurboWave Initiative to representatives of EVE.

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