Tough materials for harsh environments

Harsh environmental conditions and the need to be cost competitive require the best options in terms of materials for marine renewables. In this session, you will learn about a range of new technologies that will help marine energy devices survive in the open sea.

THURSDAY, 20 October 11:30  – 13:00 room 4-5

Christophe Gaudin, Director
University of Western Australia (Australia)

Deployment of Thermoplastic Composite Marine Current Turbine Blades in the East River, New York
Robynne Murray, Research Engineer
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USA)

Next generation wave energy technologies: a structured assessment of solid-state conversion technologies
Paul Kerr, PhD candidate
University of Edinburgh (UK)

A trade off study of metal and composite turbines using fluid-structure interaction modelling
Budi Gunawan, Principal R&D Engineer
Sandia National Laboratories (USA)

Biofouling mitigation and corrosion protection testing of laser cladded power-take off rods for optimising operation and maintenance
Johan B Lindén, Researcher
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (Sweden)

Performance of cross-flow turbines for varying blade materials and unsupported blade span length 
Nicole Marone, Doctoral Candidate / Ph.D. Student
Atlantic Marine Energy Center (AMEC), University of New Hampshire (USA)

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