Tech Showcase – Tidal ready for take-off

Tidal stream technologies are on the rise, as there are more and more mature turbines and pilot farms in the ocean. The growing attention from some States and from the European Union for those technologies also contributes to a more conducive environment for this sector. This session will shine a light on the latest developments in tidal stream technology. Developers will present their newest project and share the advances they have made when it comes to device design, materials and cost reduction.

THURSDAY, 20 October 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Plenary room

Sue Barr, Chairperson
UK Marine Energy Council (UK)

Building capacity for the world’s first floating tidal energy array
Jason Hayman, CEO
Sustainable Marine (UK)

Growing International Operations: Multiple Deployments of Multiple Products in 2022-2023
Stuart Davies, CEO

Moving Forward New Magallanes Renovables Commercial Platform
Alejandro Marques De Magallanes
Business Development Manager (Magallanes Renovables) 

Diane Dhomé, Project Manager
Inyanga (UK)

Fanch le Bris, Managing Director
Sabella (France)

Andrew Scott,  Ceo
Orbital Marine Power  (UK) 

Simon Forrest, CEO
Nova Innovation (UK) 

Dong Lin, Chairman / Chief Engineer
LHD (China)  

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