Tech Showcase – The rise of Wave Energy

A range of developers from around the world will present their WECs (Wave Energy Converters) and give an insight into their plans for deployment and testing. Several devices have been installed over the past year, and this session will be an opportunity to hear about these projects and how WECs are being made more robust and more cost-efficient.

WEDNESDAY, 19 October 16:30 p.m. – 18:00 p.m. Plenary room

Wave Swell Energy’s UniWave200 Demonstration Project on King Island
Tom Denniss, Co-Founder and Executive Chair
Wave Swell Energy (Australia)

Bombora’s 1.5MW mWave Pembroke Demonstration Project
Sam Leighton, Managing Director
Bombora (UK)

Testing the BlueX Wave Energy Converter – Outcomes and Lessons Learned from Open Water Trials
Cameron McNatt, Managing Director
Mocean Energy (UK)

Wave to Energy and Water (W2EW) project – Status and Lessons Learned
Michael Henriksen, CEO
Wavepiston (Denmark)

NoviOcean Development Journey 2016-2022 and Future Aspirations
Jan Skjoldhammer, Founder and CEO
Novige (Sweden)

Fanny Sauvignon, Business Development Manager
INGINE (South Korea)

Inna Braverman, Founder and CEO
Eco Wave Power (Israel / Sweden)

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