Setting up arrays – 2+2=5

The design and optimisation of array projects is a complex multi-parameter problem that needs to be addressed to meet the sector’s ambitious cost-reduction and deployment targets. Sharing mooring systems, choosing optimal layouts, improving the control strategy or planning of marine operations for installation, O&M, and decommissioning are some of the topics that will be introduced by the speakers in this insightful session.

THURSDAY, 20 October 11:30 – 13:00 room 6-7

Markel Peñalba, Full Lecturer
Mondragon Unibertsitatea (Spain)

Mooring System Cost Estimates for Wave Energy Farms in Shared Mooring Arrays
Stein Housner, Research Engineer
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USA)

A Control Strategy for Tidal Current Turbine Arrays Considering Both Power and Load Aspects
Yidan Zhang, PhD student
The University of Edinburgh (UK)

Optimising tidal arrays using the DTOceanPlus design tools
Donald R. Noble, Research Associate in Marine Energy
The University of Edinburgh (UK)

Advantages and Synergies of Arrays in offshore Energy
Fiona Buckley, Senior Expert and Senior Project Manager
ENGIE Laborelec (Belgium)

Physical model testing of a large array of fully representative scale wave energy converters
Tim Mundon, CTO
Oscilla Power (USA)

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