Security through diversity – reducing costs and gas dependency

It is now well understood that tidal and wave energy’s core added value is their production patterns. This session will showcase studies and real-world cases to demonstrate how ocean energy technologies can help balance the electricity grid and increase energy security.

WEDNESDAY, 19 October 11:45 – 13:00 Plenary room

Energy Security in the Age of Renewables
Donagh Cagney, Policy Director
Ocean Energy Europe (Belgium)

Quantifying the multi-use offshore renewable energy potential in the region of the Dutch Wadden Islands
Hinne van der Zant, Data Analyst
Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC) (Netherlands)

Combined wind and wave energy production in the Sicily Channel
Laura Serri, Head of Research Group & Project Manager
Ricerca di Sistema (RSE) (Italy)

Quality of the tidal energy resource adds value for renewable energy grids and off-grid power solutions
Matt Lewis, Research Fellow Ocean Renewable Energy
Bangor University (UK)

The system value of ocean energy: quantifying the benefits of integrating wave and tidal generation into net-zero future energy systems (EVOLVE project)
Shona Pennock, Research Associate
University of Edinburgh (UK)

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