Off-grid markets – ocean energy labs for scaling up

Due to their high energy prices and specific requirements, off-grid markets such as O&G, decarbonisation aquaculture, and desalination offer great opportunities to scale up for tidal and wave energy developers.

WEDNESDAY, 19 October 10:00 – 11:15 Plenary room

Roland Roesch, Deputy Director of the Innovation and Technology Center
IRENA (Germany) 

Niche Markets for Marine Renewables in Decarbonising Offshore Energy
Johanna Money, Marine Energy Sector Lead
Scottish Enterprise (UK)

Powering the Blue Economy: First Pathway to Commercialization
Reenst Lesemann, CEO
Columbia Power (USA)

Offshore Aquaculture as a Market for Ocean Renewable Energy: Sustainable Development through Co-Location
Mikaela Freeman, Marine Science and Policy Analyst
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)

MoorPower: Decarbonising Aquaculture using Wave Energy Carnegie wave energy Ireland
Jonathan Fievez, CEO
Carnegie Clean Energy (Australia)

Wave desalination
Paul Brewster, Director
Pure Marine Gen (UK)

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