Market: The American Stream

This session looks at different market opportunities, resource, and policy landscapes in the Americas. Panellists will provide an update on what changes are enabling the deployment of wave and tidal and how barriers could be addressed in the future.

WEDNESDAY, 19 October 11:45 – 13:00 room 6-7

Building Canada’s marine renewable energy sector: progress and future outlook
Elisa Obermann, Executive Director
Marine Renewables Canada (Canada) 

Marine Energy in America: Looking to the Future
Tim Ramsey, Program Manager for Marine Energy 
Department of Energy (USA)

Development of the offshore renewable energy in Costa Rica: Towards future marine energy grid integration 
Rodrigo Rojas, Coordinator of the offshore energy portfolio
Costa Rican Electricity Institute (Costa Rica)

Ocean Energy in Mexico: opportunities and challenges
Rodolfo Silva Casarín, Technical Coordinator
Mexican Centre for Ocean Energy (México)

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