Market: From the Land of the Rising Sun to Down Under

This session focuses on both the Asian and Oceanian markets. What is the potential for ocean energy? How is the sector developing? How supportive are national governments? From Japan to Australia, delegates will learn about the latest projects and opportunities from national experts.

TUESDAY, 18 October 16:00 – 17:30 Plenary room

Aleix Arenas, Chief Operating Officer
Wedge Global (Spain)

Financing Tidal Energy – the Philippine case
Maria Jesus Baez, Senior Project Manager
Frankfurt School UNEP (Germany)

Tidal Energy – Japan
Drew Blaxland, CEO
Proteus Marine Renewables (United Kingdom)

Harnessing Ocean Energy: A Case Study Of China As One Of The Leaders
Henry Lei Han, Managing Director
Hann-Ocean Energy (Singapore)

OTEC: A baseload Energy Source – Indian and OES Activities
Purnima Jalihal, Senior Scientist
National Institute of Ocean Technology (India)

Making Waves: Developments in Ocean Energy
Professor Irene Penesis, Research Director
Blue Economy CRC (Australia)

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