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This session explores the supply chain activities and economic impact of ocean energy at regional level, and how regions can reap the benefits of the nascent ocean energy market. This session invites panel members to highlight the progress and activity in their regions, how supply chains are responding to market and policy demand and consider the race to secure first-mover advantage.

WEDNESDAY, 19 October 16:30 – 18:00  room 6-7

Philip Mulder, International Business Advisor New Energy
The Hague Municipality (The Netherlands)

Pembroke Dock Marine; Building the Welsh Supply Chain
Tom Hill, META Project Delivery Manager
Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum CIC (UK)

Understanding the economic and social value of ocean energy
Lara Santos, Researcher in innovation for emerging renewable technologies
European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) (UK)

Adaptive Policy Interventions: A route to market for energising coastal regions with offshore renewable energy (ENCORE project)
Peter Scheijgrond, CEO Chairman Of Dutch Energy From Water Association
Bluespring (The Netherlands)

Raphael Coquet, Project Director
HydroQuest (France) 

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