Learning from testing – One step at a time

Testing is a crucial step in the development of any new technology. Each test means new knowledge and being a step closer to the optimal solution. In this session, you will learn from the successes and failures of different wave and tidal energy converter that have undergone physical or virtual testing.

WEDNESDAY, 19 October 11:45 – 13:00 room 4-5

Matt Sanders, TEAMER programme
Pacific Ocean Energy Trust (USA)

The Waveram: Empirical tests and numerical modelling in EuropeWave Phase 1
Brendan Murray, Offshore Renewable Energy Engineer
Waveram (Ireland)

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Platform for Testing and Control System Development of InfinityWEC Wave Energy Converter
Mikael Sidenmark, Managing Director
Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB (Sweden)

De-risking Control of the OE35 WETS Deployment via Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing
James Kelly, Project Engineer
Ocean Energy (Ireland)

Developments at the U.S. Navy Wave Energy Test Site in Hawaii
Patrick Cross, Program Manager
Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (USA)

Physical model tests of a geometrically adjustable OWC skirt for a hybrid wind-wave energy converter
Carlos Pérez-Collazo, Lecturer
Centro Universitario de la Defensa en la Escuela Naval Militar (Spain)

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