Innovating in ocean energy testing

Continuous development of ocean energy technologies means that innovation also extends to the testing itself. In this session, you will get to know the latest trends in innovative physical testing sites, software tools and hybrid methodologies.

THURSDAY, 20 October 9:30 -11:00 room 4-5

Jochen Bard, Division Director Energy Process Technology
Fraunhofer IEE (Germany)

USDOE’s Marine & Hydrokinetic Turbine System Test Bed for Model Verification & Validation
Vincent Neary, Marine Energy Technologies Lead
Sandia National Laboratories (USA)

Commissioning of the world’s first regenerative hydraulic tidal blade test centre
Sergio Lopez Dubon, Marie Curie Fellow / FastBlade Data Scientist
The University Of Edinburgh (UK)

Development of a mobile test vessel for current energy converters, a step towards feasibility of open waters testing capabilities
Olatz Larrieta, Analysis and Design Engineer
IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture (Spain)

Usage of white noise wave generation for the obtention of wave loads on tidal energy converters
Rémy CR Pascal, Project Manager
Innosea (France)

LUPA – An Open-Source Lab Scale WEC
Bryson Robertson, Director
Pacific Marine Energy Center – Oregon State University (USA)

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