Flagships 2022 – the year when ocean energy happens

This session will present the most exciting projects hitting the water or in development in 2022. Technology excellence, sheer size, macroeconomic benefits or financial package make them flagships, driving ocean energy to industrialisation.

TUESDAY, 18 October 11:00 – 12:30 Plenary room

José Ignacio Hormaeche, Managing Director
Basque Energy Cluster (Spain) 

Moving Forward New Magallanes Renovables Commercial Platform
Alejandro Marques De Magallanes, Business Development Manager
 Magallanes Renovables (Spain)

The O2 Story
Chris Milne, CFO
Orbital Marine Power (UK)

FLOWATT: towards commercial tidal deployment in France
Guillaume Gréau, Commercial Director
HydroQuest (France)

PEMPA’Q Nova Scotia – Floating Canada’s marine energy ambitions on a rising tide
Jason Hayman, CEO
Sustainable Marine (UK/DE)

HIWAVE-5 and Beyond 
Patrik Möller, CEO
CorPower Ocean (Sweden) 

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