Environmental Monitoring around Deployed Marine Energy Devices

WEDNESDAY, 19 October 16:30 – 18:00 Room 9

As tidal and wave project deployments are increasing around the world, there is a need to monitor for potential effects on the marine environment. Virtually all consenting (permitting) and licensing agreements require environmental monitoring, but few are explicit about how, when, and where monitoring must take place.

This workshop aims to identify the key components of effective and efficient programs for environmental monitoring around tidal and wave devices, and explore whether there are elements that could be standardized among projects worldwide. We will also discuss possible funding mechanisms to carry out needed research into techniques and outcomes that can facilitate and often reduce monitoring requirements and de-risk the consenting (permitting) and licensing process as the industry scales up.

If you have identified a site for tidal or wave energy development, are in the midst of consenting discussions, or already have post-consent monitoring or research requirements, this workshop will be of interest. We will collectively try to characterize high level, standard processes for monitoring around tidal devices, and discuss how project and strategic funding could be used to help address key environmental questions and reduce consenting (permitting) uncertainty in a coordinated and cost effective manner.

Sponsored by Ocean Energy Systems

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