Determining the environmental impact of a marine energy installation

Every project installing ocean energy devices in real sea conditions includes measures to monitor potential environmental impacts. But with relatively few devices in the water today, more information is needed on the real long-term effects – especially as the sector progresses from single device to array scale. This session aims to fill the knowledge gaps by presenting the latest results from environmental monitoring and modelling.

TUESDAY, 18 October 14:00 – 15:30 room 4-5

Dernis Mediavilla, Marine Energy Development Manager
European Marine Energy Centre (UK)

Scaling up our understanding of environmental effects from single devices to arrays
Daniel J. Hasselman, Science Director
Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (Canada)

Recent developments in Ocean Energy environmental research
Pedro Vinagre, Researcher and Project Manager
WavEC Offshore Renewables (Portugal)

Cumulative Effects Assessment for Marine Renewable Energy
Lenaig Hemery, Earth Scientist – Marine Energy Specialist
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA)

The ecosystem approach applied to marine renewable energies: application and knowledge gaps
Georges Safi, Scientific officer
France Energies Marines (France)

Developing an environmental monitoring system for high-energy tidal sites
Max Carcas, Strategic Advisor
Sustainable Marine (UK)

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