Certification – High standards, low maintenance

Certification and standardisation remain a hot topic in ocean energy, with an increasing number of developers using it as a means of developing a ‘bankable’ product that is attractive to investors. This session offers a deep dive into certification and standardisation, featuring concrete examples from ocean energy projects and recommendations on how they could be improved for the sector.

TUESDAY, 18 October 14:00 – 15:30 room 6-7

Laura-Mae Macadré, Marine Renewable Energy Project Manager
SEM-REV, Centrale Nantes (France)

Commercializing Ocean Energy: The Role of Standards and Certification
Jonathan Colby, Founder & President
Streamwise Development (USA)

Marine Energy IEC standards: improvement by application – a study of multiple marine energy converters
Anton Schaap, Technology & Standards Advisor
Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC) (Netherlands)

Certification of Marine Energy Converters through the IEC Standard for Technology Qualification  
Winston D’Souza, Lead Marine Energy Specialist
Lloyds Register (UK) 

Adoption of internationally agreed technology evaluation metrics
Jonathan Hodges, Senior Innovation Engineer
Wave Energy Scotland (UK) 

Extending the technology development framework and decision space beyond readiness and performance.
Jochem Weber, Chief Engineer
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USA)

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