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Selkie is an Ireland/Wales, wave and tidal energy, co-operation programme, funded by the EU and administered by WEFO. Partners are UCC, Swansea University, DP Energy, GDG Dublin, Marine Energy Wales and Menter Mon. Selkie is developing standardised, open source, engineering, economic ,multi-use technology tools including.

  • An updated GIS, techno-economic tool which will cover our region.
  • A foundation and mooring software tool to help deicide the best and most cost effective solution for fixed and floating devices.
  • Physical and Numerical array modelling – research in to wave and tidal array interaction resulting in significantly less risk for open sea deployments.
  • Sensors – Selkie will develop an improved data logger, a new type of ADCP and will pioneer the use of drones to measure surface currents.
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and logistic models – Selkie is updating existing models and will create a specific programme for wave and tidal sites across Ireland and Wales.

Contact details:
Tlf: 353851527868
Hawlbowline Road, Ringaskiddy, Co.Cork, Cork, Ireland