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Magallanes has developed, tested and validated a technology for harnessing energy from tidal currents. It has a full-scale device with 1.5 MW of power, currently installed at EMEC, in the north of Scotland. Magallanes’ philosophy focuses on robustness and cost efficiency, for which it relies on the wind and naval industry, minimizing technological risk and taking advantage of a mature supply chain.

Contact details:
Tlf: +34 661935351
Prego de Montaos 7, 36800 Redondela, Pontevedra

Prototype name: ATIR BLADE.

  • Manufactured by (in case the production company needs to be mentioned): INPRE SL.
  • Year of production: 2021.
  • Description: 200 words max:

This blade is a spare unit of the ATIR – Magallanes Renovables Tidal Energy Platform.

Tidal and Ocean currents push this blade together with five other blades to produce enough energy to power 1.500 homes. As water is 800 times denser than air, ATIR blades must be really strong and can smaller than a windmill blade with the same power capacity.

What is it made of?

These blades are manufactured in Glass fiber with Bisphenol-A Epoxy Vinyl Ester.

The manufacturing technique used was infusion or Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding. The Blade is composed of two outer shells and two inner webs bonded with structural adhesive: Type Reichhold Norpol FI-184. With an outer layer of gel coat on which the antifouling treatment will be applied.

This Blade one of a series of three identical blades for rotor 1 (dextrorotatory rotation); completed with three symmetrical blades (mirror symmetry) for rotor two (levorotatory rotation).

The full rotor has a diameter of 19 m, its nominal rotational speed is 16 rpm, and it has an energy capture capacity of 1 MW, for a current speed of 2.7 m/sec.

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