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INEGA is the Energy Agency of Galicia (NW Spain). Its basic objectives are the promotion, encouragement and implementation of initiatives and action programmes for research, study and support of research, development and application of energy technologies, including renewable energies, the improvement of energy saving and efficiency, the promotion of the rational use of energy and, in general, the optimal management of energy resources in the different economic sectors of Galicia, as well as participation in the management and provision of services in other fields related to energy, in accordance with the guidelines of the regional government within the scope of its competences.

It has a test site of MRE in Punta Langosteira, close to outer harbour of A Coruña, since 2015, and it leads the technical secretariat of the Galician Offshore Wind Observatory. 

Contact details:
Tlf: 981541500
Calle AVELINO POUSA ANTELO, 5 -15707- Santiago de Compostela