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AZTI is a technology centre specialising in the food and maritime-fishing value chain that carries out strategic and applied research to generate new knowledge, products, services and business initiatives to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to boost the food industry and recover and preserve natural marine resources.
In the field of marine energy, AZTI provides knowledge and experience in the following fields of application:
· Marine spatial planning focused on the analysis of uses and their management, generating scenarios for the assessment of the social, economic and environmental impact of marine energies for the selection of the best locations for the development of marine renewable energy projects through specific open access tools, such as VAPEM (Ecological Assessments and maritime spatial planning tool,
· Operational oceanography, focused on energy resource assessment and design tools for energy capture structures.
· Environmental impact: focused on environmental impact assessment and environmental monitoring of offshore renewable energy developments.

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Tlf: +34 946 574 000
Txatxarramendi ugartea z/g – 48395 Sukarrieta – Bizkaia



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